About Us

About Us

Jose Miguel Puro® LLC:

Jose Miguel Puro® LLC, is a registered trademark company. We use a grape based white spirit distilled in the Pacific Northwest using Washington State Yakima Valley Orange/Black Muscat grapes. Our liquors coat the tongue with a pleasurable distinctive taste of grapes. Our liquors are light, luxurious and refreshing. More pure than vodka, with more kick than tequila.

The Orange/Black Muscat grapes grown in Washington State’s Yakima Valley is a variety of non aromatic grapes. The Washington State’s Yakima Valley provides a growing environment resulting in the grapes distinctive taste.

Jose Miguel Puro high quality and delicate flavor stems from the careful attention to every detail, from the vines in the fields, processing and distillation, to final packaging, all of which is done in Washington State at the Jose Miguel Puro Cellar.

Jose Miguel Puro un-aged brandy is a grape based white spirit similar to the Chilean/Peruvian drink called Pisco. We do not use sulfites, enzymes, or sugars, just a sumptuous first grape pressing before distillation.